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March 25, 2011

Ferrahian Students and Community Donate Blood

ENCINO—In response to Holy Martyrs Ferrahian High School’s senior class initiative, the American Red Cross held a blood drive at the school’s Dickranian Hall at Encino Campus on Sunday, February 13, 2011.

The event was a great opportunity for the students and the community to come together for the privilege to donate and help save lives.  Although it took months of planning, the day of the drive was hectic; however, it was exciting to see many people come to donate blood.  For Ferrahian students, the day was even more fulfilling; besides volunteering to assist in organizing the event, they were able to donate blood, which for some was a first experience.  

Overall, 35 people were able to donate, but many more were there ready to take part in the blood drive.  The Red Cross gave out T-shirts that said “LIFESAVER” to those who donated blood. Of the 35 donors, 33 donors’ blood was reserved with the potential of saving 90 lives.

“Although it took months of preparations, the day of the drive was hectic and exciting with many people coming in to donate their blood. Many students from Ferrahian donated their time and efforts both volunteering and giving their blood. 35 people were able to donate but much more arrived ready to try. The Red Cross gave out T-shirts that said “lifesaver” to those who donated their blood. Out of the 35 donors, 33 donors blood was used and 90 people’s lives were saved,” said Ferrahian student Mary Kasmajian.

Why donate blood?  Every minute of every day, someone needs blood and that can only come from a volunteer donor, who made the choice to donate and save lives.

To be eligible to donate blood one must meet the following conditions:
a. Must be at least 17 years old, and be in good health,
b. Must weigh no less than 110 pounds,
c. Must not have received a tattoo within the past year
d. Must not have donated blood within the past 56 day
e. Must have a valid ID