Back to School Night at Ferrahian


By Kyle Khandikian and Danny Ouzounian

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With students back in school for the 2009-2010 academic year, it was time for Ferrahian parents to go back to school as well. On Thursday, September 10 at the North Hills Campus, and on Thursday, September 17, 2009 at the Encino Campus, parents were invited to join teachers and faculty members for an interactive meet-and-greet session. The meeting gave parents the opportunity to learn more about the academic year, new school rules and policies, and to meet with their children’s teachers.

At the North Hills Campus, Principal John Kossakian addressed the parents, making noteworthy announcements. This year, the Elementary school has a new teacher, Ms. Shooshan Momdjian. Another new addition to the school is a shuttle service which will soon begin picking up children every morning. The service will be available to those who are interested for a monthly bill of $100. New changes were made to the school’s day care policy, and concerning swine flu, students with flu symptoms will be sent home and will not return less than 24 hours later. Overall the event was very nice. All parents went from class to class learning about all the teachers’ styles and what the learning process will be like this year.

Similarly at the Encino Campus, parents were invited to see all of their children’s classes and teachers. Mr. Kossakian again went over basic school rules, discussing new additions to the school, faculty, and policy.