Ferrahian Joins Armenian Community against the Protocols


By Kyle Khandikian

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Ferrahian middle and high school students joined thousands and thousands of Armenians this past Sunday, September 27, 2009 in Pelanconi Park in Glendale, California, to the community’s unified and unequivocal opposition to the Turkey-Armenia protocols, which are set to be signed early next month. Over 10,000 people were present at the rally, which sent both Yerevan and Ankara a clear message, that conceding to Turkish pressure was unacceptable.

Organized jointly by the Social-Democratic Hunchakian Party, Armenian Democratic Liberal Organization-Ramkavar Party, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation and the Unified Young Armenians, Ferrahian took the initiative to encourage all students to attend the protest. With buses the students, along with their Armenian teachers, traveled to Glendale to join the thousands of others concerned about the signing of the protocols, which is to take place on October 10, 2009, according to Turkish officials.  

Dialogue between the rival nations have had the community on edge, and the announcement of the drafted protocols on August 31, 2009, had much of the Diaspora outraged.

For many of the students, it was the first of protest of such scale they had ever attended.

“It was very interesting to see all the political parties, the Dashnaks, Hnchaks, and Ramgavars, all together, working for a common cause, and to hear each party’s point of view, which I never really got to see before,” said one student.

Shouting chants, holding banners, signs and flags, and listening carefully to each speaker, the students learned a lot about the protocols and why they can be dangerous to the Armenian nation. Ferrahian was one of the dew schools that had their students attend the rally.

The experience was both enlightening and uplifting for the students, who felt a greater sense of pride and love for their homeland.